What is a Rompecabrije?

Rompecabrijes, by Baxalam, individually are 3D animal puzzles, but with the added magic that every single piece of every single puzzle is exchangeable between animals… So, with a little bit of imagination and creativity you can create your own alebrije!! This can be the alebrije that appears constantly in your dreams… or maybe one that reminds you of a friend… or relative? (Ja!)

At Baxalam we’re convinced that your brain is the sexiest muscle in your body =D and of course we believe you should keep it fit! Building our Rompecabrijes could feel like a delicious mental pushup for some people and maybe just boring for others, so if a cognitive workout is not your idea of entertainment… we can deliver them put together. Ready to decorate that space you love!

We put all our effort in the design and finishing touch of every single puzzle piece and are convinced these little guys will give light and life to that special space you call your own. They are made of wood and have an artisanal flare to them. They will remind your guests that Mexico is spectacular and original!

Our Baxalam family is inspired 100% in Mexico! Every time you look at your Rompecabrije, you will be reminded of that great vacation you either took or your planning and what a spectacular country it is! All Baxalam members are decorated with flowers, fruits or plants that are part of our culture and environment. Each Rompecabrije has a story to tell… Meet them here! We have fish, eagle, dog, rabbit, lion and giraffe rompecabrijes.

Now… Sizes! The width of each rompecabrije varies, for example, the eagle has wide wings that measure 30cm, but this is not the case for the dog or the giraffe. They are all around 20cm tall. The specific measurements of each rompecabrije appear when you select the item for purchase.

If you decide you want to put together your rompecabrije, you will receive:

  1. A box with the puzzle pieces
  2. An inventory of the pieces to verify that the package is complete, and
  3. A set of instructions printed on the box

Otherwise, you will receive a rompecabrije already put together set to decorate that special place.

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If there’s a specific animal that you’d like and we don’t have… let us know =)

Please remember that in any purchase, you accept our privacy policy and our terms and conditions. Very few people read this, so we just want to underline two things:

  • It’s important that you know that our rompecabrijes are fragile, so we recommend you open your package immediately and verify that all pieces are as good as new!
  • We estimate that you will receive your rompecabrije in approximately one week, but we will do our best in order for you to receive it as soon as possible.