Cuauhtli, like every member of the Baxalam family is inspired in Mexico! We created Cuauhtli with the Golden (locally called mexica) eagle in mind. . It has spectacular plumage decorated with colorful friezes that embody a fun version of Mexican prehispanic cultures.

We named him Cuauhtli, which means eagle in náhuatl. For the mexica culture the Golden Eagle was a symbol of foundation and for Mexicans it stands as a national identity symbol. As you probably know, the mexica eagle decorates the center of the Mexican flag and reminds us of the legend on how the Aztecs founded their capital, Tenochtitlán, currently Mexico City.

The Golden Eagle is commemorated on February 13th, however with the presence of only 156 couples in the country, it is in danger of being extinct. You can find Golden Eagles mainly in the states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Zacatecas, Aguascalientes, Durango, Guanajuato, Querétaro and to a lesser extent in Puebla, Morelos and Estado de México. Monte Escobedo, a municipality in Zacatecas, was declared home of the Royal Eagle because it is the state with the most presence of this beautiful bird.

Urban growth and illegal hunting have threatened their existence. Many of them die before the age of one, the eagles are very territorial and normally expel their children from the nest at an early age. Additionally, the reduction in dams and safe places for nesting, hunting, the mugging of eggs in order to sell them and accidental deaths due to electrical wires are the main reasons behind their near extinction.

The specie that lives in Mexico is the same one that lives in the United States, where there are many more eagles. The Golden Eagle population in Mexico has declined drastically and is now considered an endangered specie by SEMARNAT.

Fortunately, there still exists people involved and committed with the survival of the Golden Eagle in Mexico. In Estado de México, a group of veterinarians (Centro de Conservación Refugio Salvaje | Reino Salvaje) has organized to protect, rehabilitate and reproduce the specie in captivity Thank you and cheers to this incredible team!!!


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