Dalia, like all the members of our Baxalam family is proudly inspired in México! She is a very joyful giraffe decorated with flowers of all different colors. We named her Dalia because we were surprised when we found out that Dalia is the most representative flower of Mexico. We did not know that! So to honor the Aztec Dalia, we named our giraffe accordingly. Scientists have discovered 43 species of this flower, of which 35 are endemic in Mexico, where the Aztecs domesticated, cultivated and reproduced it until they created the amazing diversity that today decorates gardens in Europe and the United States. On May 13, 1963, Mexican president Adolfo López Mateos declared by decree the Dalia as National Flower of Mexico. This was result of a petition by the Mexican Society of Botanists. Would you agree with them?

Well, we have an extensive portfolio from where to choose since Mexico is home to nearly 12% of worldwide biodiversity and 10% of the world flora. (Wow!) With 26,000 different species of flora, Mexico ranks 4th in the world.

The diversity in vegetation is reflected in every aspect of Mexican culture. Since prehispanic times we have used native plants and flowers for rituals and ornamental purposes. Flowers were used by our ancestors to produce paint, beverages, art, sculptures, cooking, medicines, and are also central as a way to express our feelings.

Although Mexico is not among the top 5 exporters of flowers, which are Holland, Colombia, Ecuador, Ethiopia and Kenya, we rank 3rd worldwide in term of land destined for ornamental flower cultivation. We cultivate 22,700 hectares of land, but only export 10% of the production. 90% of the exports are sold to the United States and roses are the main flower.

Estado de México ranks 1st in the production of flowers, with an ~80% share of national production, equivalent to an annual production of 5 million stems. The ornamental flower market yields 188 thousand permanent jobs, 50 thousand temporary jobs and more then a million jobs indirectly, of which 60% are for women. Not bad huh? But, there is room for more… Would you agree?


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