Michu, like all the members of our Baxalam family is inspired in México! This guy is a very fruited fish. We call him Michu as a nickname of Michin that means fish in náhuatl. When we look at Michu full of pineapples, lemons, bananas, grapes and more… it takes us back to that orange, grapefruit or mandarin juice just squeezed by a gentleman that opened up the trunk of his car and started his business… Or the delicious mamey or papaya blend that they sell in the mercadito near your home… Or that sophisticated wagon that sells mangos like lollipops with chilito piquín… If you’re a little bit older (like me), you probably went to a posada and when the piñata broke, out came sugar canes and mandarins… Yeap! These memories are treasures!! At Baxalam we love Mexican fruit. These simple pleasures in other parts of the world cost fortunes! You can just google the price of an avocado or a melon in Japan, or order and orange juice in any European cafeteria so the waiter brings you a tiny glass of slightly acid orange juice… and expensive! Yes… we’re very lucky!!

Agriculture in Mexico is considered a very important economic activity since it feeds millions of Mexicans and many others beyond our borders. We have 1.6 million hectares nationwide with fields that harvest around 20.5 million tons of fruit annually.

During recent years, Mexican fruit production has increased in terms of volume and variety across the whole country. Most of the fruit is highly valued and priced in local as well as in international markets. We occupy 4th place worldwide in terms of exports and 6th in fruit production. We rank 1st in avocado production, 2nd in lemon, 3rd in strawberry and blackberry, 4th in grapefruit and 5th in cranberries, guayaba, mango, orange and papaya.

In 2017, Mexico exported to the US fruits and vegetables worth US$12.22bn and to Canada US$1.43bn of avocado, berries, strawberries, grapes, limes, lemons, and mangos. Did you know that of the 120.2 thousand tons of raspberry produced in Mexico in 2017, we exported 60%?...

Of the 2 million tons of avocado produced in 2017, we exported 50%… And of the 416 thousand tons of grapes produced in 2017, we exported 47%.

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